Best Place To Live & Retire After COVID19? The Algarve


At the end of 2019, many of us started imagining the great things we’d accomplish in 2020. New career, relocating to a different country, even planning our retirement. So many wonderful plans ahead…then 2020 arrived. Suddenly a new plot twist and uncertainty replaced certainty. Many of us are contemplating, what kind of work we can do, where we should do it, even how or where we should retire after COVID. 


Making sense of a pandemic that literally shut the world down and forcibly kept near the entire global population in self quarantine was not likely on anyone’s lists of accomplishments for 2020. Yet here we all are in a new world: masked, at a safe distance, and disinfecting wherever, and whenever possible.


So what happens now, that we know how to properly wash our hands and need to face a new and changing world? COVID may have changed nothing in your life or maybe it made you reevaluate your plans to prioritize your health, quality of life, your retirement, or where it may be best to make an international real estate investment for a holiday home or rental income. Forbes’s recent article on Where to live after COVID helps shine a light during a dark time and topping their list was the Algarve. 


Forbes cites many good reasons to consider Portugal, but we thought we’d add a few more from our experience: 


Wine: because should you ever be guaranteed for months at a time again you would want to have easy access to a wide variety of award-winning wines. Actually, you could be quarantined for years and still not get through half of what’s on offer in Portuguese wines… 


Food: few outside of the country understand how obsessed Portugal is about the quality of its food. Freshly grown local fruit and vegetables with great quality, are available year round throughout the country. Being great navigators, with access to a lot of salt, the Portuguese discovered long ago how to salt and preserve food (Bacalhau) for long voyages. Portuguese canned fish is like no other and could provide interesting meals for months.

Outside the current circumstances, Portugal has long been focused on its quality of food and is now being rediscovered as a foodie haven for those new to Portuguese cuisine and lifestyle. Most traditional Portuguese food could be classified as rustic, as quality and variety have been high there was no need to get ‘creative’ to improve flavors. International cruising has however influenced chefs and numerous Michelin-starred restaurants are quickly appearing with more refined versions of old and new dishes available fresh daily. Coffee is excellent – especially with a side pastry. And so, so much more. 


Beaches: with a coastline of near 943 kilometers (586 mi) and more than 620 beaches, many blue flag, beach lovers are spoilt for choice. The Algarve is especially known for the variety of its award-winning beaches and water sports. 


Sport: football and Cristina Ronaldo aside, Portugal has a wonderful climate for healthy living outdoors, and sport is actively practiced: water spots, cycling, sailing, boating, rally, motor racing, martial arts, tennis, golf, soccer (of course) and even hockey, to name just a few. 


Multi-Lingual: Locals are friendly and multilingual for the most part and although Portugal has been a popular destination for europeans looking for a holiday, a holiday home and retirement, American’s, a new wave of interest has begun in Portugal from young entrepreneurs looking for a green and tech friendly environment for their hatchling businesses which Portugal is supporting with new green visas. 


Financing & Investing: Portugal has evolved its support for investment greatly with a Non-Habitual tax plan, Golden Visa for non europeans, and  investment friendly banks who can provide foreign investors with competitive rates. 


COVID may have shaken up our lives, but shakeups can work to our favour if it leads to new perspectives. Opportunities to look more deeply at how we’re really doing; where we are now and where we want to be in 10, 20, 30 or more years from now. Are we taking care of our health, our mind, our investments, our families. And here we find ourselves, on the precipice of a whole new beginning with a better understanding than ever before – health really is wealth. 



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Villa Luca

Modern new townhomes with pools and mountain views, currently under construction in western Algarve in the picturesque and sought after town of Carvoeiro. 

Villa Luca

Modern new townhomes with pools and mountain views, currently under construction in western Algarve in the picturesque and sought after town of Carvoeiro. 


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