New sustainable home incentives for portugal

Portugal’s New Eco Home Incentives

Portugal’s new eco home incentive program, encourages sustainability across the country and, gives homeowners a new reason to upgrade their property.  If you haven’t been following Portugal’s sustainability initiatives this may be a good time to get up to speed, especially if you are considering purchasing real estate in Portugal or have done so already. Portugal has been aggressively pursuing a green plan for a

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Best Place To Live & Retire After COVID19? The Algarve

At the end of 2019 many of us started imagining the great things we’d accomplish in 2020. New career, relocating to a different country, even planning our retirement. So many wonderful plans ahead…then 2020 arrived. Suddenly a new plot twist and uncertainty replaced certainty. Many of us are contemplating, what kind of work we can do, where we should do it, even how or where

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Portugal Golden Visa, Residency By Investment

We’re living in a world filled with complexity, so there’s never been a better time to have a back up plan, whether that be a second home, additional residency and/or second passport. Portugal’s Golden Visa helps provide just that type of security for you and your direct descendants should you qualify within the existing window.     Being one of the most peaceful countries in the

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Portugal’s Future Planning – Innovative, Creative & Sustainable

Portugal’s comeback is a long way from its recently discovered 400,000 year old history. A confirmation made in 2017 with the discovery of the oldest human fossil skull in Cave Aroeira in Almonda central Portugal. Neanderthals would come later and Homo sapiens arrived just a wee 35,000 years ago. Good history to keep in mind the next time you’re feeling old… A little bit of

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