The Golden Visa Portugal program launched in 2012, was created as a stimulus program for inward business investment in Portugal.

In practice, those with approved business activities become beneficiaries of a temporary residency permit ‘Golden Visa’ to conduct business activities in Portugal. If the activity is maintained in good standing for a period of 5 years or more the resident investor becomes eligible to apply for citizenship.


Successful beneficiaries of the program were, and remain, entitled to:


  • Residency in Portugal with the right to live, work, and study 
  • Option to live and work in Portugal, on condition of staying in Portugal for 7+ days, in the first year, and 14+ days, in subsequent years
  • Right to travel within the Schengen Area 
  • Family reunification; allowing stay for direct and dependant family members 
  • Pathway for permanent residency application, and after 5 years of maintaining an active Golden Visa, the ability to apply for Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation


After 10 years of success Portugal’s Golden Visa requirements have been updated for those applying after January 2022. 


Real Estate: 

  1. Investment in one or more properties, for habitation proposes, with a value equal to or above €500,000. Applicable for the interior regions of mainland Portugal, the Azores, and Madeira Islands
  2. Rehabilitation investment of €350,000, for habitation, proposes, applicable only to very limited regions and projects of Portugal’s interior, the Azores and Madeira Islands 

Capital Transfer

  1. Capital transfer investment equal to or above €1.5M, from the previous requirement of €1M
  2. Investment in research activities conducted by public or private scientific institutions involved in national scientific or technological systems with an investment value equal to or above €500,000, from previous €350,000
  3. Investment in support of the arts, artistic output, reconstruction, or various forms of the refurbishment of national heritage projects €250,000
  4. Venture capital funding dedicated to share acquisition, or capitalisation of companies, whose maturity, at investment is at least five years, and a minimum of 60% of the investment is realised in commercial companies with a head office in Portugal. Minimum investment value of €500,000 is now required, as opposed to the previous €350,000, and must include creation of at least 5 permanent jobs 

Private Equity

  1. Private equity fund investment equal to or above €500,000, from previous requirement of €350,000.


Applying for a Portuguese Golden Visa is dependent on multiple factors relating to your individual and investment needs, as such we believe you will be best served by having a consultation with one of our qualified professionals and partners and invite you to contact us to learn more. 


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